Have an Existing Brokerage and Profitability Ratios Don't Look Promising? Stop Worrying, We Got You Covered!

An FX brokerage is definitely one of the most profitable businesses one can start. However, profitability depends on many factors. Your market share or the degree of competition, customer relation management, advertising & marketing, reliability and promptness of the platforms, etc. are a few of the factors that affect your success. HaveTrade with its cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge, is committed to make you the winner.

The Best CRM For Your Brokerage!

Customer Relationship Management is vital for any business. HaveTrade offers the most versatile and feature-rich CRM system designed specifically for FX brokerages. When you start using our CRM, it remarkably improves the customer relationship at various steps of the brokerage operations. Our unique features offer superior traceability over everything, whether it is employee action, promotion, marketing or customer & technical support. Moreover, it helps you to eliminate human errors by streamlining various aspects of the business process automatically.
  •    Sales Motivation

  •    Lead Splitting

  •    Full API
  •    Marketing

  •    Reporting

  •    Tickets
  •    Withdraw and Deposit

  •    Traders Room

  •    Unlimited Users
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Mobile Application For Your CRM

Delivering the full CRM experience on small screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Real time access to all business information wherever you are!

  •    Presence of various kinds of payment options like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

  •    Integrated with automated KYC verification providers.

  •    Automatic email notification about all client activities.

  •    Tracking the balances of all client accounts.

  •    MAM integration for Multi-Account management.

MAM - Multi Account Manager

Multi Account Manager helps the trader/accounts manager to handle multiple accounts from a single terminal. It allows to combine individual trading accounts into a large pool of managed fund. All orders executed on the master account are reflected on every associated MAM account according to the parameters set. Investors also have the option of entering orders through their individual trading accounts and are free to modify MAM trades according to their preferences.
  •    Activation & Deactivation.

  •   All Fiat and Crypto-Currencies Supported.

  •   Several Master Accounts for Managing a Pool of Investors.

  •    Manual & Automatic Mapping of Symbols.

  •    Create Tailor-Made solutions For Clients.

  •    A Personal Risk Manager for Every Trader.

Multi Level IB

Introducing Brokers or the so-called IBs are an integral part of the brokerage business. HaveTrade offers a Multi-Level IB system which allows a hierarchical agent structure. Commissions are calculated and distributed in order of rank.
  •    Options to have commissions in pips/money/percentage.

  •    The best and most affordable option for WL Brokers.
  •    Multi Level Affiliate Program.

  •    Filters by groups, symbols and types of accounts.
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MT4/MT5 WhiteLabel Packages:

HaveTrade brings top-class trading experience through its MT4/MT5 WhiteLabel Programs. The most intuitive and innovative trading platform used by traders across the globe, MetaTrader is the best platform a new brokerage can choose.
Some of the key features of our WhiteLabel Programs are:
  •    Fully branded and customized.

  •    Wide range of instrument available.

  •    A-Book and B-Book executions available
  •    Cutom tools to promote and support your business.

  •    Affordable and transparent pricing.

Customized to well accommodate tools and programs for:

  •    CRM

  •    Trader’s Room
  •    PAMM

  •    Store
  •    Cash Management

  •    Marketing
  •    Risk Management

  •    Customizable

Forex License

Getting a forex license can attract more traders and in turn more revenue. Regulation in a reputed jurisdcition would give more confidence to your traders most others can't offer. It will help you to reduce transaction costs and operating expenses, too. The license process includes:

  •    Register the company in the jurisdiction of your choice

  •    Open a corporate bank account

  •   Prepare the business plan of the company for passing the procedures for an FX broker license

  •   Prepare all the documentation for AML and compliance

  •    Recruit/appoint AML and compliance officers
  •    Open a merchant account for the brokerage firm

  •    Payment systems for VISA and MasterCard

  •   Integrate company website with payment systems and make the necessary policies for the site

  •    Connect the platforms to the site
  •    Prepare all other documents the jurisdiction demands

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