MT4 & MT5 Plugins

HaveTrade makes it easier to convert your dream of opening a Forex Brokerage company into reality with a few simple steps.

MT4/MT5 Plugins

Most of our MT4/MT5 white label plugins aim to provide simplicity, transparency, and modern design at a reasonable price. The platform works mainly on advanced and innovative technologies to bring the best trading experience and branding possibilities. Our trading tools include CRM Back Office, Configuration Management, Trader’s Room, Partner Management and Asset Management. As a start-up brokerage agency, you can perform FX trading activities seamlessly.

Furthermore, these trading platforms offer numerous payment gateways, deposit and withdrawal options. It enables you to keep track of all your client's transactions at once. On the other hand, the risk management system keeps your profit under control. Expand your FX brokerage business with MT4/MT5 white label solution.

Low cost, transparent pricing

Our MT4/MT5 white label plugins offer only a simple flat fee, no turn-over or volume-based expenses. Eliminate or significantly reduce the cost of IT by utilizing our all-in-one solution: Technology-Hosting-Administration.

Wide range of instruments available

The MT4/MT5 white label solution offer wide ranges of payment gateways and investment policy to all our most valued traders. With the aid of it the start-up brokerage firm can easily receive their payment commission from the traders seamlessly.

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