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As a start-up Forex Brokerage agency, you must have a pretty good website, as this is the primary venue from which such businesses operate. Our expert designer designs your FX website keeping in mind the requirement of the FX industry. We integrate Forex market news and live rates, sections for trading conditions, platform downloads, and Account Types to elevate your brands. As user satisfaction is crucial in service, in the case of an online brokerage offering an eye-catching and well-designed website will bring your clients on-board.


As a start-up brokerage agency, you need a website design that is simple yet visually attractive to your traders.Then it will certainly not convert your customers into leads. Good website design is crystal clear and unique.

Catchy Visual Identity

The visual aspect of a FX website is as important as its content. Top quality of graphics design element is thus essential for a good FX website. We at Have Trade put special attention to the company logo and its design.

Clear identification of Uniqueness

A good startup Forex brokerage website should highlight all the features present within it. It makes the particular brokerage business website unique from its competitor.

Essential Component of a good Forex Website!

Forex website should be eye catchy, well designed, and attracts potential customers within a split second.

Search Engine Optimized

As a start-up brokerage agency your, FX website will be a launchpad into the highly competitive online forex industry.Ranking high on search engines will be your priority for your forex website.

Dedicated Landing Page

The start-up FX brokerage agency should also have a dedicated forex trading landing page to which traffic will come. It is an absolute necessity when you are running a paid campaign.

Showcase Your Customer Feedback

The valuable opinion and feedback of other customers are a convincing factor for gaining new clients. The FX website should showcase the feedback and testimonial of other customers to gain new traders.

We offer Customized FX broker website!

Our website designer designs your FX broker website to attracts new clients at once.

Content Management System

Most of our FX broker website come with a user-friendly content management system. We offer a wide range of CMS solutions including, that of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


Our web developer aids you to integrate MT4 API with your website at once. We will work to produce trader cabinet functionality based on the requirements of the FX brokerage agencies.

Forex Marketing

We offer marketing and promotion services to all the start-up FX brokerage agencies. Some of the services that we offer include social media marketing, PPC, and SEO.

Customized Website Design & Development Services to the FX Broker!

We offer custom design and development packages to all FX brokerage agencies at $1000.
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Forex Industry is the most popular industry in the world of liquid currency exchange. Brokerage agencies profit around four million dollars daily. Furthermore, it has attracted the attention of millions of brokers around the globe. FX trading doesn’t allow the presence of any centralized bank. As a result, foreign exchange trading takes place from one place to that of another. A new trading platform has been introduced in the market to carry out FX trading successfully.

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