Forex CRM offers the very best in Customer Services!

We at Have Trade designed the FX CRM to grow our brokerage business rapidly and help you to track the present scenario of your liquid currency.

Easy to use

We at Have Trade continuously update our Forex CRM as per the requirement of our most valued brokers. At the same time, we provide a built-for-purpose solution from sales through to marketing.

Robust Reporting Tool

Our Forex CRM has an inbuilt reporting tool. We can seamlessly track our client’s query and also perform a comprehensive analysis of the pricing.

Seamless Integration

We at Have Trade seamlessly integrate MT4 and MT5 trading solutions with all our newly designed FX CRM.

The FX CRM minimizes risk and Maximizes Revenue!

Customer FX acquisition and Management

Our Forex CRM at Have Trade supports FX customer acquisition, sales, and management in the FX industry.

Over 70 payment integration

The customer portal often comes with 70 forex payment options. It just requires the credentials of your merchant account to receive payment at once.

Growing with Your FX business

Our FX CRM supports your growth at every crucial milestone in building your business and growing it.

The ultimate Forex CRM!

We at Have Trade designed an easy-to-use Forex CRM for all the start-up brokerage agencies. As a broker, you must attract clients, and we will do the rest for your business.

Mobile Friendly

Our FX CRM is a mobile-friendly application as you can install it on your android and IOS devices. Your clients and IBS can log in to their cabinet from any mobile device.

100 percent Tested

Forex CRM keeps all your sensitive transactions secured as it runs on advanced technology. In turn, it prevents any fraudulent activities at once.

MT4 /MT5 compatible

The FX CRM comes with the most popular forex trading platform like MT4 and MT5 with no volume limitations. One can also connect an additional platform with it.

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Five things you need to start a Forex brokerage

Are you a broker? Who is looking to start his own business? If so, the Forex brokerages appear to be a lucrative business. If you have experience with FX and connections in the community, you are off to a good start. Some companies offer advice on starting your own brokerage business. Most of them offer two choices for doing so. Firstly, they suggest you start the business from scratch. Secondly, to buy a turnkey FX brokerage.

Differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platform?

Forex Industry is the most popular industry in the world of liquid currency exchange. Brokerage agencies profit around four million dollars daily. Furthermore, it has attracted the attention of millions of brokers around the globe. FX trading doesn’t allow the presence of any centralized bank. As a result, foreign exchange trading takes place from one place to that of another. A new trading platform has been introduced in the market to carry out FX trading successfully.

Important Points to Consider Before Starting Your Own Forex Brokerage

The Foreign exchange market generates more than dollar five trillion business daily. It is the largest liquid foreign currency market in the world. In the past few years, the FX market has attracted the attention of millions of brokers. It has seen a rise in a significant number of brokerage agencies across the world.

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