MetaTrader 5 Whitelabel

MT5 white label is a complete brokerage infrastructure used by multiple brokerages across the globe. Our WL solutions enable brokerages to launch quickly. It incorporates a wide variety of options, complete with their branding, to create a highly customized environment for their clients.

What is MT5 WL?

Meta Trader 5 White Label is a ready-made solution that enables you to launch an FX broker as quickly as possible. With White Label, there is no need to purchase an MT server license, as everything is present within the MT5 white label package.

Essential features of MT5 WL

Flexible trading conditions customization

The MT5 white label solutions enable you to create your trading conditions with commissions, markups, swaps, and risk settings.

Fully branded and customized platform

MT5 white label is a branded and a customized trading platform. It includes customized platform names, custom logos, banners, and icons.

Management rights

MT5 WL solutions provide customized management rights from full access to view only as per the requirements.

Risk Management

The MT5 WL platform uses the simplest and most effective risk management system using A/B-book strategies, NOP controls, Report Database, and Web API/ Man API solutions.

Predefined Markup plans

MT5 WL trading platform provides well-balanced, tested by business, and ready-to-use price streams for markups.

Demo Environment

Before running the WL MT5, we provide a demo environment only for training and testing purposes.

Strong Failover System

It comes with a superior backup system that enables you to build a stable failover service.

Web API wrapper

MT5 trading platform comes with a fully functional API. It also includes integration of TR/CRM and Backoffice integration with this WL solution.
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Reliable backup system

MT5 white label trading platform provides organization and maintenance of trading servers while ensuring a reliable backup system.

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