Explore the key benefits of our MT4/MT5 White Label Solution:

Fully branded and customized

Build a strong brand by providing your clients with a personalized experience. Leverage numerous customization options in our WL manager to get your unique solution. Configure all settings without hassle on your own

A – Book and B-book executions available

Decide on your own how to stream your orders. Enjoy the finest execution, fully automated and reliable. You can save time on integration and connect to our Partner Liquidity Provider for free.

Low cost, transparent pricing

We charge only a simple flat fee – no turnover or volume-based expenses. Eliminate or significantly reduce the cost of IT by utilizing our all in one solution: Technology – Hosting – Administration.

Tools to support your business

Onboard clients with dedicated registration forms. Offer multiple deposit options and keep track of withdrawals with our Client Office. Keep your profits under control utilizing a robust Risk Management System. Expand your business with a Multi-Level IB solution.

Wide range of instruments available

Offer your clients extensive investment possibilities with feed for Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Equities.

Simple pricing. Advanced features.


  • Lots of plugins and applications for automation

  • Advanced feed and execution management


  • PC, MAC, iOs, Android, Web

  • A/B book

  • Forex, Shares, Indices, Commodities,Cryptos

  • Datafeed

  • Any LP, bridge connection

  • IB’s and agents solution

  • Support 24/7


  • ECN, your own symbols & exchange

  • Binance & Huobi bridges, deliverable crypto


Pre-installed on the server


  • • Alert system
  • • Trading activity
  • • Regulatory reports


  • • Leverage controller
  • • A/B-book
  • • Accounts risks limiter


  • • IB and Agent structure
  • • Bonus manager
  • • Copy trading

Interested in becoming a whitelabel partner?

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Manage and keep track of client’s KYC process-let your client experiences a smooth and fast account opening process. Get notified on trader’s activities.

Partner Manager

Advanced setting tools for any type of partners, from affiliates to IBs, tracking from online to offline- letting them focus on their core business.


Our in-house built PAMM components are seamlessly integrated to our Trader’s room, creating a solution both for the money managers and your traders.

Trader’s Room

We redefine your Trader’s room to better engage with the traders- let them easily manage files, trading accounts portfolios, and transactions in the mobile-friendly back office environment.

Cash Management

Enabling a payment provider is as easy as a button click. Use rule-based options to manage transactions and bring a better experience to your traders.


Create a market place in Trader’s room-sell digital products or subscriptions to your traders-creating endless unique selling points and increasing user loyalty.

Risk Management

Our tools allow brokers to manage spreading and group in real time, rank and filter traders, and move traders between A and B book.


Perfect for brokers interested in creating its own back office with our API. Create your own magic by mixing your strategies with one of our components, or two, or more.

Surveillance and Support

We have a surveillance and support team of IT professionals that monitor all order flows and ensure full functionality during market hours.

What is White Label MetaTrader 4?

White Label MetaTrader 4 is a ready-made solution which enables you to launch a FOREX broker or Multi-Asset broker as quickly as possible.
With a White Label, there is no need to purchase a MetaTrader server license or get involved with other aspects such as hosting servers, organizing and maintaining a reliable backup system, building a network of access servers around the world or staff to configure and maintain the server structure 24/7. All this and much more is already included as part of the White Label MetaTrader 4 solution.
The most popular platform
MetaTrader is one of the world’s most popular trading platforms. It is stable and simple to use with many features for trading and technical analysis.
100% tested features
All features of the WL product environment are tested and ready to go.

What is included:

Server Hosting

Physical proximity to all trade servers of major exchanges, liquidity providers, banks and other financial institutions.

Transparent Pricing

Prices come straight from liquidity aggregators, without any market maker interference.


Fast and reliable STP execution with ultra-low latency for A-book trades.

MT4, X core and one zero integration

Meta Trader 4 platform is already integrated with most popular trading servers and liquidity aggregators.

PAMM/MAM and Copy Trading

PAMM/MAM and copy trading. All 3 systems are integrated with MT and are available for the WL.

Configuration and support of the server structure 24/7

We configure all systems and offer round the clock support for the entire server structure.

Organization and maintenance of a reliable backup system

Organization and maintenance of trading servers while ensuring a reliable backup system is implemented.

Meta Trader server licenses

Have Trade take care of all server licensing issues so there is no need to get involved in all the legalities.

Building a network of access server around the world

Access our global network coverage from the world’s largest financial ecosystem within all Equinix centers worldwide.

Key Features of MT4 white label solution

Legal Aspects

We take care of all the legal aspects involved during setup to ensure your brokerage operations don’t face any problems

Training sessions for WL staff

We also provide comprehensive education for MT manager, trading platform interfaces and its functionalities as a whole.

No additional cost for the MT platform

Prices for the MT platform components come directly from Meta Quotes.

Technical Support

We provide technical supports to all the MT4 WL users on a 24/7 basis through multiple channels.

Full Environment Integration

The WL MT4 as part of the complex solution includes liquidity, trading platform, trader’s room, payment system, IB program, and copy trading solutions as a whole.

Third Party Integrations

MT4 WL trading platform integrates third party software like TR payment system, IB software solution, PAM, MAM and copy trading solutions.

Flexible Package Options

MT4 white label for starters

  • Perfect for brokers looking for an end-to-end complete turn-key solution. No matter if you’re a startup or an established broker we can help optimize your business.

  • MT4 White Label
  • T3 Hub
  • Config Tool (CCM)
  • Back Office
  • Trader’s Room
  • Surveillance & Support (24/6)


Complete & standalone choices

  • Whether you already have a MT4 or not, we can provide you a complete solution for your brokerage. Perfect for brokers looking for an end-to-end complete turn-key solution.

  • MT4 White Label (optional)
  • T3 Hub
  • Config Tool (CCM)
  • Back Office
  • Trader’s Room
  • Partner Management
  • Asset Management
  • Surveillance & Support (24/6)


MT4 white label only

  • Already have your own CRM system and just need a MT4 White Label? That’s fine! We can help ease your day-to-day operations with our support.

  • MT4 White Label
  • Surveillance & Support (24/6)


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the MetaTrader 4 White Label platform cost?

We provide our clients with the same price as MetaQuotes with no hidden markups. The total price depends on the number of platforms requested: Desktop, Mobile and Web. Please contact us for accurate pricing.

Is it possible to have a MetaTrader 4 Grey Label platform?

No, we don’t provide Grey Label solutions for Meta Trader platforms.

How many price streams do you offer on Meta Trader 4?

We offer 4 price streams with predefined markups which are available for FX, Metals, Indices & commodities instruments: Raw small, Medium and Large.

I noticed that MetaTrader 4 does not represent a full list of Crypto instruments. Why?

Some Crypto pairs have extended price decimals of up to 8 digits. Meta Trader 4 can work with up to 5 decimals in prices which is why we are unable to provide a full list of Cryptos via MT4.

Is it possible to add one or more specific trading symbols which are not present in the current list of instruments?

If we have 2 or more reliable counterparties to obtain a stable liquidity flow for the requested instruments, they can be added to our servers. Please contact us for details.

How can I earn a profit from commissions?

Commissions are set and defined from a White Label checklist. This amount is the difference between Margin account equity and MetaTrader account equity. For example, the White Label decides to set $6 per lot as commission for FX (keep in mind that on MetaTrader4, lots always represent round turn volume. This means that for both sides of the operation (open and close), commission will be charged as for one Lot). This is illustrated as follows: A client of the White Label makes $10,000 profit from 350 trades at 0.5 lot each. This means that the client paid 350 x 0.5 x $6 = $1050, so his total equity change is equal to $10,000 – $1,050 = $8,950. This amount is realized and fixed into the balance of the client’s account and is available for withdrawal. The client decides to make a withdrawal for the full amount of his profit: $8,950 On the Margin account, the White Label gets $10,000 resulting from client trades. The White Label makes a transfer following the client request for $8,950 and has an extra $1,050 in the Margin account as profit earned from commissions.

How can I check my current Net Open Position exposure in MetaTrader 4?

NOP monitoring is available from the MetaTrader 4 Manager application via the tab “” Summary”” on the bottom left-hand side of the window. NOP list contains a full list of trading symbols with total results at the bottom. It can be sorted by column e.g. “” Symbol””, “” Buy Volume””, “” Sell Volume”” “” Net Volume””, “” Profit”” etc.

Is it possible to make some changes to prices in the current price flow with MetaTrader 4 Manager?

No, we do not provide these instruments to our White Labels. All clients on the MT4 server work with one set of symbols and nobody is able to manipulate prices as this will affect all clients on the server.

I received an "Invalid Account" message in MetaTrader 4 platform. Why?

This message shows that the MT4 server cannot find the login/password that was used for authorization. This indicates the password was incorrect. Make sure that: a) the password or login does not contain any spaces before and after entering them. b) the password entered with incorrect lowercase/uppercase symbols. Change the password using the form in B2Core (Trader’s Room) or contact our Support Team to change it. An MT4 account can be archived due to an inactive period and could be the reason for receiving this message. Our Support Team can assist in restoring the account if required.

MetaTrader 4 platform shows an "Account is disabled" message. Why?

This message means that the MT4 account or account group is not active on the MetaTrader 4 server side. Reasons could be due to unfinished setup, technical maintenance, etc. Kindly contact our Support Team for details.

MetaTrader 4 platform cannot connect to the trading server and shows a "No connection message. What can I do?

Check your connection with the Internet and whether ports 443, 444 are open. If the connection works fine and ports are not blocked, please contact our Support Team for assistance or further investigation.

Configuration and support of the server structure 24/7

We configure all systems and offer round the clock support for the entire MT4 WL server structure.

MetaTrader Server Licenses

MT4 WL solutions take care of all server licensing issues so there is no need to get involved in all the legalities.

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PAM/MAM and Copy Trading

PAM/MAM and copy trading all these three systems are already integrated with the MT4 platform and are available for the white label.
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