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With a combined experience spanning over 30 years, Team HaveTrade offers the best in class services for your forex brokerage. Let it be a new one from the scratch or an existing one looking to expand, our experts can translate all your business dreams to success.

Trading Platform

The Best Electronic Trading Platform Branded! Get M4/MT5 Under Your Own Brand and Attract Traders.
MetaTrader is the most widely used electronic trading platform. Get it branded and enter the world's largest financial market with your own brand.

Forex License

Get a Full License and Offer Your Traders the Level of Security and Efficiency They Look For!
Getting regualted can add credibility to your business and thus a competitive edge over your rivals. We can help you to establish a legal entity in your preferred jurisdiction.

Trader Portal

Your Brand Trader Portal with Unique Features
HaveTrade offers a Trader Portal with unmatched features. Registration is easy and transactions are simple and straightforward with multiple deposit and withdrawal options. Contact us for a demo today.

MetaTrder WhiteLabel

MetaTrader is the most versatile and popular trading platform used by retail traders. We have customized WhiteLabel solutions for both MetaTrader 4 and 5. Get MT4/MT5 branded to claim your market share. Our team of experts will be with you whenever you need.

Your Brand Off-the-Shelf!

We have customized MetaTrader WhiteLabel solutions to create your own brand in no time.

Cost-Effective and Quick!

Our motto is 'Brokerage For All Budgets'. Ready to go, truly turnkey solution which does not require any further development. Pocket-friendly and quick at the same time.

Freedom Of Liquidity!

Enjoy liquidity from a variety of sources. You have the freedom to connect to Liquidity Providers of your choice, too.

Forex CRM - Customer Management Made Easy!

HaveTrade's proprietary Forex CRM is designed to manage leads, clients, trading accounts, IBs and fund managers in one place. Managing your brokerage business can't be easier!

Trader Cabinet

Can be branded and customized to match your brand identity. Unlimited users and real-time sync with MT4/MT5. 20+ payment methods with third-party internal transfers. Allows opening and managing demo and live accounts with reporting and ticketing system.

Sales CRM

Best in class lead management and sales organization. 24/7 automated monitoring system. Analytic reporting and ticketing system integrated.

Marketing & Affiliates

The best affiliate program for the business with our unique multi-tier IB system. Allows automated e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns to retain your clients.

Get Demo of the Complete Forex Broker Setup - 7 Days Free Trial

Explore the Technology behind FX brokers with our cutting Edge solution, It includes the MT4/Mt5 manager, Forex Broker CRM, Risk Management and Back office Tools for Broker. Get a Demo before getting Started

Build Your Brand - Unique Website for Your Brand Identity.

Your website is what makes you instantly recognizable and communicative to your customers. Our expert team of web builders creates your brand identity, establishes the loyalty bond between you and your customers, and makes your business perceivable at the very first glance.

Build Your Brand With Us

More From HaveTrade

HaveTrade is not just a White Label provider. We offer a myriad of services to make your brokerage an ultimate success. The one-stop solution for all your FX brokerage needs!


Getting regulated adds to the credibility of your brokerage and attracts more clients. Our wide network of legal consultants can get you a license in any jurisdiction you prefer.


Forex industry is growing each year and so are the number of brokerages. Creating your own identity is vital for your success. We are committed to build your brand with an edge over your competitors.


Marketing is definitely something that a new business finds really difficult. HaveTrade has a dedicated marketing team to assist our novice brokers. Our expert team will be there with analytical reports and easy to use tools whenever you need.


Our FX consultants possess deep industry knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction. Achieve the desired transformation and gain efficiency with our consulting services.

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Know Why Wannabe Brokers Choose HaveTrade!


We call it 'the Freedom Of Liquidity'. Our model allows brokers to choose liquidity from multiple sources. Our proprietary bridge is compatible with most of the providers out there. You can switch them at any time for FREE, too.


Since inception in 2014 HaveTrade has bagged several awards and accolades for its unique brokerage model. Enter the world of trading with innovative products and services.


A dedication to high quality standards and ethical procedures across all departments help us to deliver the value we promise. We believe in mutual exchange of values and build a strong bond of loyalty with our clients.


All our packages are offered at the lowest possible rates without compromising quality. We do have a package for all budgets.


Our core team has a combined experience spanning over three decades. Our deep industry knowledge and wide netowrk help us to deliver the best solutions all the time.


Our technology infrastructure cannot be matched with our competitors. Fast and reliable with 99.99% uptime.


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Five things you need to start a Forex brokerage

Are you a broker? Who is looking to start his own business? If so, the Forex brokerages appear to be a lucrative business. If you have experience with FX and connections in the community, you are off to a good start. Some companies offer advice on starting your own brokerage business. Most of them offer two choices for doing so. Firstly, they suggest you start the business from scratch. Secondly, to buy a turnkey FX brokerage.

Differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platform?

Forex Industry is the most popular industry in the world of liquid currency exchange. Brokerage agencies profit around four million dollars daily. Furthermore, it has attracted the attention of millions of brokers around the globe. FX trading doesn’t allow the presence of any centralized bank. As a result, foreign exchange trading takes place from one place to that of another. A new trading platform has been introduced in the market to carry out FX trading successfully.

Important Points to Consider Before Starting Your Own Forex Brokerage

The Foreign exchange market generates more than dollar five trillion business daily. It is the largest liquid foreign currency market in the world. In the past few years, the FX market has attracted the attention of millions of brokers. It has seen a rise in a significant number of brokerage agencies across the world.

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HaveTrade maintains industry relationships with hundreds of companies across the globe. Our industry knowledge and wide network help us to offer you the best solutions for your brokerage at the most affordable rates.

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